Worldwide Week of Space

NASA astronaut - Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper will visit Ukraine to celebrate Worldwide Space Week.

Tom Cruise in Kyiv

American actor Tom Cruise has arrived in Kyiv at the invitation of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Zelensky met with Cruise in his office on September 30, according to the website of the President’s Office. “During the meeting, Cruise told Zelensky that he was interested in Ukrainian locations for the filming of one of his new film projects. This was another reason to visit our country,” the website said. Zelensky, in turn, told Cruise about his experience working in cinema. He noted that recently the Ukrainian parliament passed a law on compensation to foreign producers who make films in Ukraine. Zelensky said the law would make Ukraine attractive for to international filmmakers for investment.


New restaurant. Open kitchen. Fine dining. Pet friendly.

HBO's mini-series, Chernobyl

Take a look behind the scenes of the creation of HBO's upcoming mini-series, Chernobyl, which details the disaster following the world's worst nuclear disaster.

Strichka Festival May 18-19

Strichka Festival May 18-19. Kyiv, Closer.

Chernobyl series HBO

Starring Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgård and Emily Watson, Chernobyl dramatizes the story of the 1986 nuclear accident — one of the worst man-made catastrophes in history — and the sacrifices made to save Europe from unimaginable disaster.

Apparat live tour 2019

Apparat Live Tour 2019 - Kiev, Ukraine



Jazz Festival 15/03-16/03


The XVIII International Jazz Festival "Unity" will be held on March 15-16, 2019, on the stage of the National Operetta Theater in Kiev.

The Cinematographer's Party

cocktail bar & neo-bistro

The Naked Room

The Naked Room is a gallery for contemporary art and events based in Kyiv.

AUDI Q8 'The Big Entrance'



About the soundtrack of the funny film we did with director Owen Trevor and Stink London.


Brand new Turkish restaurant in the city centre.

Guinness 'Dance'

An amazing project we've done with Riff Raff films recently here in Kyiv.

Brave Factory Review

Brave! Factory festival review

Kiev hosts the second edition of an increasingly unmissable annual event from the team behind one of Europe's greatest clubs

Brave Factory

Brave Factory

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony took few photographs for their Fall 2018 campaign in the streets of Kyiv.


KYIV MEDIA WEEK. 17-21 September 2018.


Modern Vietnamese cuisine created by Héctor Ismael Jiménez-Bravo, famous chef, businessman and TV presenter.

traditional food SHO

Sho Ukrainian Restaurant in Kyiv

Hennessy V.S 'Major'

Making of Hennessy V.S 'Major'

Strichka Festival May


Nastia, Luke Slater, Vladimir Ivkovic and more will play at the nonstop event hosted by Closer nightclub.

Raw Food

Where to Find Raw Food Restaurants in Kyiv

China Start

Time to Celebrate the Chinese New Year 24-25 March 11.00-23.00 Platforma Art-factory (Bilomorska 1). Kurazh Bazar is back in town! After a long winter, one of the main regular open-air festivities – Kurazh Bazar is ready to start a new season of fun, parties, and fancy things to buy. It’s Chinese New Year in March, so it’s a good reason to celebrate (not that we need one here in UA)
80 UAH
FB Kurazh Bazar

Daniel Jack Lyons tells us about the displaced young people in Ukraine

Daniel Jack Lyons is a New York based photographer whose process is informed by the joint intersection of working as a photo based artist combined with formal training and experiences in human rights research and activism. By prioritizing the lived experiences of a diverse group of individuals, Lyons maintains his subjects’ agency while fulfilling his role as a creative photographer.



Photographing the queer youth ​of Kiev

underground techno scene

Grisha's Guide to Kiev

A lighthearted tour of the Ukrainian capital’s distinctive fashion

6 looks for New Year's night

from Ukrainian designers

Penny Christmas Reconciliation

Production Studio: Stink

Director: Chiara Grabmayr

DOP: Danny Hiele

sunwashed photos of ukraine's

hidden beauty

Meet Bichkraft, Ukrainian Chillers Making

Noise For A Too-Near Dystopian Future

Myron Walden / DEC 5th /

Jazz funk from New-York

Black Friday Ukrainian

Designers Epic Sale

Rihanna Gives an Emerging

European Label Some Star Power

Whisky Dram 2017

November 25th 2017.
Adress: Parkovaya road 16а, Kyiv, Ukraine

More that 350 kids of best whisky from all over the world.

Capturing moments of freedom

at raves in Kiev

Nudes collide ​with

brutalist buildings in Kiev

Shadow of war

Shadow of war shoot behind the scenes.

Auction Golden Section

Rembrandt / Durer / Dali / Matisse / Chagall / Renoir / Picasso / Miro / Leger

Japanese-Peruvian cuisine

RONIN is the first Ukrainian restaurant of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine.

Book Review: EROTIC

Book Review: Discover erotic photography in Ukraine with stylish new book.

Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar Live in Kyiv

A Ukrainian Designer Makes a Statement

at New York Fashion Week With Bubble Wrap Coats and Bulletproof Vests

Intimate photos of

Kiev’s ravers leaving the club at sunrise

Kiev’s Coolest Café Owner

Has Casual Style With Plenty of Local Pride

Ukrainian DJ Nastia

Is All About Harmonious Juxtapositions


Holi festival in Kiev. AUG. 12-13th.


Festival of contemporary art. SEPT. 7th - 17th.

Marilyn Manson in Kyiv August 2

Marilyn Manson will give a concert in Kyiv on August 2, 20-00 well-known venue the Palace of Sports.

Cannes Lions 2017

Inspiring Creativity


Making-of a beautiful film for Lacoste 'Timeless' with Wanda, Director Seb Edwards, DOP Hoyte Van Hoytema. Production Service - Pioneer Pictures (Hungary), Radioaktive Film (Ukraine).


Modern Ukrainian cuisine.


Traditional Georgian cuisine.

De Bosch

Mystic bar inspired by Hieronymus Bosch.

Kurazh Night Market

Night Flea Market in Ukraine, you can buy old and new stuff.

“ballet is dead”

Sergei Polunin on the dark side of dance.

Ukrainian models in The Guardian

How ‘alt-beauty’ became the hottest trend in men’s fashion

Strichka Festival May 20

Strichka Festival May 20, Closer. Featuring: AUX88, Plaid, Monolake, Lil Louis and other artists.

Kyiv Lights Festival May 12-13-14

12, 13, 14 MAY 2017

The Kyiv Lights Festival – is the first international festival of light and media arts in Kyiv

Lady Gaga Merch Lookbook shot in Ukraine

by Synchrodogs

Inside a Military Boarding School

‘Warrior' boys and ‘decor’ girls.

Eurovision May 9-13

Welcome to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and host city of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Depeche Mode concert

Jul 19, 2017 Kyiv - Global Spirit Tour

Ukrainian Easter

“It is a Ukrainian tradition to partake in a painted egg tournament.”


Few Huawei shoot secrets...

Se Loger

Funny and colourful project we've done with Wanda.

Ukraine's 10 most exciting young designers

Check out internationally approved cool Ukrainian designers that will blow your mind and remind of 90s.

Ray BLK Kyiv March 31

Watch the first performance of the BBC Sound 2017 winner at Sentrum concert hall in Kyiv.

Stefan Sagmeister March 25-26

Stefan Sagmeister is coming to Ukraine to present his "Happy Film".

Bitter Harvest premiere

First‑time screenwriter Richard Bachynsky‑Hoover had carved out a ...

London’s nightlife is dying.

We should look to eastern Europe for the future of clubbing

Destruction, daydreams...

the music videos that summarised 2016

Sam Pilling at Nicer Tuesdays

This month’s Nicer Tuesdays delved into the processes behind an epic music video...

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