davidprocterdop - Recently shot a commercial for Huawei in Ukraine. We used the @cinefade system to change the depth of field seamlessly during a shot with no other effect on the image. Here, it has been ramped to emulate the way the phone's technology can emulate a de-focussed background.

The scenario was designed around a couple in an art gallery space, the light sculpture providing a perfect environment to demonstrate the beauty of bokeh. We chose the smallest filament, clear bulbs we could source 200 of, so that the bokeh would inherently be finer and more elegant after using the cinefade. To accentuate the difference, the previous shots were deep focus to minimise bokeh.
Cinefade cut this clip to demonstrate so thought I'd share...
Directed by @aidangibbons
Produced by @swiftyhanrahan
Prod @millchannel @radioaktivefilm

© 2020

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