Japanese-Peruvian cuisine

RONIN is the first Ukrainian restaurant of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine. Its concept is based on local products, Japanese and South American cooking technologies and really explosive flavours. It’s all about food of Japanese immigrants in Peru, who created a new popular gastronomic tradition called Nikkei.

In RONIN you can try ceviche (fresh citrus-marinated fish and seafood with tropical sauce), “guinea pig” (pork belly) with passion fruit, "tostado" with fish and meat, “causa” (potato terrine with meat or fish and exotic sauces), "anticucho", Peruvian style sushi, delicious and healthy raw superfood desserts without oil, flour or sugar.
RONIN is one of the largest and one of the most technologically advanced restaurant in Kyiv. Large parking, two floors, 4 summer terraces, several halls accommodating 450 guests. It’s an ideal place for family picnics and celebration of important events.
There are 6 aquariums for oysters and lobsters. Special showcase with ice guarantees freshness of exotic fish. Dry aging beef equipment is a necessary technology for perfect juicy steaks and other beef dishes.
Open kitchen is the way we show you can really trust us, teppan grills are the part of gastronomic show and the way we develop authentic culinary traditions.
A great collection of Japanese whiskey, cocktails based on Pisco - Peruvian grape vodka, fine wine, TWG tea, fresh roasted coffee (including superfood coffee with almond and coconut milk) - you’ll obviously find them in RONIN.
And when the adults relax and have a good time, children can play, learn and d

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