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Mechnykova Street that lies near the Klovska metro station popped up in the news quite a few times this April: from the newly-opened coffee shop Blur Coffee to the new Ukrainian restaurant SHO, now located in the premises of the former Poliana wine shop. According to the owners, SHO is “the biggest restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine in the country”. Let’s see what it has in store.

The new fine dining spot opened on April 8 and was instantly filled with tourists and locals eager to taste the wonders of Ukrainian cuisine. According to the restaurant’s Facebook page, 800 guests visited SHO on that day, so the chefs prepared 20 kg of varenyky with cherries, 93 portions of cabbage rolls, 32 kg of the Olivier salad, and whole 100 liters of red and green borsch.

Sure enough, this isn’t the full list of the menu. Apart from the mentioned dishes, visitors have a chance to try the traditional potato pancakes deruny, crêpes with sweet and savory fillings, homemade bread from the oven, as well as meat and fish prepared on an open fire. Homemade pickles, which usually are brought on the table during various holidays in Ukraine, are available at SHO as well.Read: Best Ukrainian Traditional FoodThe place welcomes everyone in the light-filled two-floor space, decorated with wood and interesting décor elements. Address: 18, Mechnykova StreetPhoto source: SHO Restaurant Facebook page, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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